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The News

Jan-2024     Ruzo backpack series now available under the Mauro Vinci brand.


Sep -2023    Galeara brands keeps growing at a quick pace. We are ready to launch our creditcardholders line                                              under the Mauro Vinci brand. 

Dec-2022     Our new line of wall storage racks and shelves under the Galeara design brand is now available and soon will                           be launched into our sale channels acros europe. An important step of Galeara design into the home and                                 accessory business which we plan to expand when we move into 2023. 

Aug-2022     Mauro Vinci Watches will soon be launched. High quality quartz watches in several trendy designs will be                                 available on all our channels around mid september. 


May-2022     Soon more info about our 4th brand we are launching focussing on pets and more.


May-2022     Sophie Siero brand expands product offering to Watches - Bags and Purses. Our first designs will be available

                       around july 2022.


Jan - 2022    New look and launch of our brands webshops Galeara design, Sophie Siero and Mauro Vinci brand. Expected                          launch March 2022 with hundreds of new designed models by our design studio. 



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